TAG 2011 (ii)


Ditag buat kali kedua untuk tahun baru. Kali ini oleh Cik Suria. So, here it goes.


The Rules: To do the Honest Scrap tag, here’s the deal. Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true.



I’m right-handed but I personally think that it’s pretty cool to be ambidextrous. Is it something innate or can simply be drilled?



I’m short-sighted but alhamdulillah, I don’t need glasses all the time.



My childhood hero was Ultraman.  His determination in fighting the monsters which are wicked and cruel by nature, just makes it impossible to dismiss. Sounds so boyish!



I bought my first car in December 2009. Buying a car is not an issue here, but the accomplishment after the series of hard work can really offer one an indescribable joy.



Tariq Ramadhan speaks very fluent French. Unlike me, I have a very basic knowledge of French and I don’t think it is enough for survival purpose if I were to travel to France. (please don’t get me wrong, I’m jobless and penniless now)


Tariq Ramadhan, commenting on Swiss ban on the construction of minarets. Ah non, mais vraiment, je ne comprends pas.



I’m a kampung lady, grew up in kampung, love to be in kampung and wish to settle down in kampung (do not mind of any kampung, as long as it is a kampung)



I’m a big fan of Harry Potter and friends (please take note: not a big fan of Daniel Radcliffe and friends). I used to memorise most of the spells taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and still remember them up to this day. Hurm, it neither benefit me nor others, indeed.



I’m a chocolate-lover and I do not mind having chocolate as a breakfast. This is not a good example and not to be followed.


Anybody could probably exert a very bad influence on people around them. Like what I did to Cik Suria. Oh no!



When I listen to a song, I will likely focus on the lyrics. Normally, I will love a song after I like both of its rhythm and lyrics. But if it is in a foreign language, like French or Mandarin, then the rhythm will normally come first.



I have tried skiing once, in Ruapehu, NZ. From that moment, I have promised to myself that would be the last one, unless somebody is generous enough to treat me.


Ok, I guess that’s all for today.



5 thoughts on “TAG 2011 (ii)

  1. time kaseh la kakena wat tag saye.
    saye tersenyum sipu2 bace tag awak ni,
    comil, heehheh.
    memang, sikek dop nawok, kakena mmg influence saye makan coklat menyungguh :p
    tp saye tak marah pun, sebab coklat pacik whittakers tu memang sedap gile!! urghh nanti kawen nak mintak hantaran cokat tu la, bole? :p

  2. Haih, saya malu sebenonya, kak su. Hish, malu-malu:))

    Bab coklat tu, saya harap kak su doh hilang ketagih doh. Tak payah makan banyak sangat coklat. Bukan sedap sangat pun coklat ni. Eh? hehe.

    Ye sungguh nak mintak jadi hantaran? Kak su memang dok agok-agok. Mujur ada ternampak ada jual dekat kedai haniffa dekat jalan TAR tu. Tak payah susah-susah bakal suami kak su cari sapa ke NZ. Tapi ada ‘peanut slab’ jela. Bukan ‘almond gold’.:)

    Saya rasa saya salah eja nama beliaula. Sepatutnya, Tariq Ramadan tanpa ‘h’. Yup2, Brother Nouman best!

  3. skrg ak dh dpt satu lg name, tariq ramadhan. thanks dear. tibe2 ak rse kte akan berhubung sesame kte melalui blog hehe. lepas ni, kencang rmenulis blog haha

  4. Eh, berhubung dengan blog je ke? Rumah kan dekat je. Mari ah jalan dumoh ni. Mana tahu, posting pun dekat-dekat je kita kekgi. Ameen.

    Dok sabor eh nak tunggu cik rory drive kheta mari sini.:D

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