TAG 2011


Saya telah ditag oleh Miss Sarah. Katanya wajib jawab sebelum masuk 1 Januari. Dah lama benar tak main tag. Seronok juga layan sekali-sekala.:)


1. Are you a vegetarian, or have you thought about being one?

Nay, being a vegetarian is not-so-me. At all times, I find it hard for me to make sure that there is at least a veggie in a meal. It makes me wonder ‘How can I be a good teacher when I hardly take veggies myself?’. When I was teaching the topic of ‘Being healthy’ in the classroom, I reminded my students to take a lot of veggies and honestly, I felt so bad about that. Maybe, that’s the price I have to pay when I preach something that I do not really practise. So, starting from now, eat a lot of veggies, Diana. Yeah.



2. Who inspired you to cook or bake?

Frankly speaking, I rarely cook and I am not a good cook anyway. Yes, I know. What a boring person I am.



3. How do you celebrate Christmas?…or a favorite holiday of your choice?

Maybe, we should rephrase the question so that it may sound relevant for me to answer. How do I celebrate Eid? Yeah, this sounds better, isn’t it? Of course, with family and other close relatives.

4. Do you prefer to celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends and/or family, or prefer to ring in the New Year quietly, and privately, at home?

As far as I remember, I never celebrate both New Year’s Eve and New Year. But if it is the beginning of Muharram, we just recite some special prayers at home.



5. If someone were to ask you to bring dessert to a party, what would you bring? Store bought, or homemade, and if you were to make homemade, what would you make?

I am thinking of bringing a homemade Chocolate Cake or Kek Kukus Gula Hangus. Or probably Bread Pudding? Hurm…

6. How will you celebrate your next birthday?

My birthday is coming real soon. Come on folks, make sure that you’ve bought some birthday gifts for me. Huhu.

7. Do you have a New Year’s resolution-and will you be sticking to it?

Nothing specific, I guess. My only wish, may Allah the Most Merciful bless me with a blissful heart and a good health throughout this year. Ameen.


Ok, done:)



3 thoughts on “TAG 2011

  1. awww. diana.,..hihi..thanks for answering this taggy! 🙂
    and may ur prayers come true, insya ALLAH.

    i miss u. didnt really hv opportunity to ‘sembang’2 but i hope u r doing great sista! 🙂

  2. *zati MJ

    Semoga segala impian zati sepanjang tahun ini juga dimakbulkan Allah. Ameen Ya Robb!:)

    Segan ke zati. Tak sedap mana pun kek kukus tu haritu.hee~


    No worries dear. My pleasure. And Ameen for the prayer:)

    I miss u too my dear Sara. Alhamdulillah, sista. I’m doing good here. If u’re coming to Terengganu, please let me know. Nad was here last time, so what else are u waiting for?:D

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