Satu lagi entri terpanjang di dunia.

Alhamdulillah, saya sekarang sedang bercuti di kampung. Cuti yang agak panjang sebelum kami semua akan mula ke sekolah awal Julai nanti. Berdebar dowh. Doakan kami ya kawan-kawan. Terima kaseh.:)

Saya baru sahaja selesai menonton Buletin Utama. Syukur semua aktivis Malaysia selamat pulang ke tanah air. Pastinya, kegembiraan ini dikongsi oleh semua rakyat Malaysia. Walaupun misi flotilla pembebasan ini tidak berjaya menjejaki Gaza, paling tidak insiden yang berlaku seminggu yang lepas berjaya membuka mata dunia terhadap kekejaman rejim Zionis yang tidak berkesudahan. Betapa banyak kesengsaraan dan keperitan yang telah ditanggung oleh rakyat Palestin. Memetik kata-kata Tun Dr. Mahathir selaku Pengerusi Kehormat Perdana Global Peace Organisation (PGPO), misi ini tidak akan berhenti di sini. Akan ada lagi misi kemanusiaan yang bakal tiba. Moga misi yang mendatang beroleh kejayaan. Ameen Ya Robb!

Berjuang membantu walau dengan cara sendiri!

Di sini, saya juga berminat untuk berkongsi email yang saya terima daripada seorang kenalan saya. Beliau juga sangat berbesar hati untuk berkongsi isi kandungan email ini dengan semua. Yuk ambil ia sebagai muhasabah diri. Ambillah masa untuk baca. Memang tak rugi kalau baca. InshaAllah.:)

Alhamdulillah I had good teachers (like Sheikh Imran Hosein and Dr. Israr Ahmad (rahimu Allah)) who put the entire picture together which made me think deeply from many angles (political, financial, secret societies, prophecies, etc.) about the flaws and manipulations in the system that is bringing a system of global control and preparing to pave the way for Dajjal’s rule.

Just like the Chinese saying…”tell who your friends are and I will tell you who you are, and tell me who your teacher is and I will tell you what you know”.  Most people have elevated the current system to the status of God in that it is indestructible, or that it somehow has the implicit blessing of Allah SWT that it will continue for ever.

Most people have invested their mind, time, energy and money in the current system, while that system is being deliberately destroyed to give rise to the next system (global implementation of Karl Marx’s (a Zionist) “Communist Manifesto” – that is, global communism) – a new secular order devoid of religion and aetheistic worldview that humans can determine its own destiny, and there is little role for religion and its transcendant/ universal rules and values in the affairs of society.

These are precisely the times that the Prophet (pbuh) prophesied when tribulations will overcome the world, and he (pbuh) recommended that believers retreat to the hills to preserve their faith.  Humans have been programmed to become secular in their thinking and this crisis will bring out the worst in these secular-minded humans, and the ugliness in their secular behaviour will become manifest.  The crisis has just begun and it will get a lot worse especially when food shortages, wars and new diseases ratchet up.

In the WW I more people died (50 million) from the Spanish flu than due to the war (15 million).  Now there is evidence that proves that deadly flu was engineered and given to US soldiers who carried and transmitted it in Europe.  Imagine how much more practice the party of Dajjal has had to perfect their germ-warfare for the coming WW III.  When you understand these machinations in healthcare and vaccination you begin to see how they match the prophecies of endtimes.  Let’s not forget the motto on Georgia Guidestones erected in March 1980 in Elberton, Georgia, USA, that Earth in balance cannot accommodate more than 500,000,000 people.  Insha Allah the party of Dajjal will not achieve their objectives, but that will not stop them from trying and thus creating the mess.

Ask yourself…if WW I was about annexing the land from Ottoman Empire for the future creation of that Imposter State, and if WW II and holocaust was about creating a homeland for the ‘cursed people’ who have been discriminated everywhere (ever wonder why? Qur’an has the answers), then how big the next war will be to position that Imposter State to be the last ruling state in the world from where Dajjal is supposed to rule, before the rise of Khilafa from Arabia and Khorasan.

And then you ask yourself which Imam is preparing their flock/ congregation to protect themselves from the coming tribulations in order to preserve their Iman.  Also, how many Muslims have taken the initiative on their own to switch from acquiring information from mainstream media and instead study the signs of end times and research the ground realities that Trilateral Commission, CFR, Bildeberg Group and others are trying to create for the entire world and planning to bring about a one-world government for the coming Dajjal.

Muslims use the excuse that Allah SWT is more powerful and His SWT plan will come true, but they do not ask themselves what is their role in preserving their own faith in these days, and if they have followed the formulae prescribed by the Prophet (saw) for our times.  Or, have we become so de-sensitised by the media, our education, our vaccinations, medicine and genetically-modified food with haraam ingredients that we do not even sense any of this as Haraam or alarming for our future.

For sure things will unfold in Allah SWT timescale but where is the awareness about the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) about end times.  If we do not do our part, that is take steps to preserve our Iman, then what claim do we have from Allah SWT to deserve His SWT protection.  So how many Muslims are reading the signs of the Dajjal in order to protect themselves so as not to become dependent on his system, and thus become unworthy of Allah SWT protection and the ‘inner-eye’ of the Soul that helps us detect that something is afoot.

How many people realise that the party/helpers of Dajjal are creating the conditions of poverty and desperation in order to force people to submit to him and ultimately accept him as the Lord. What did the Prophet (pbuh) say about the Dajjal withholding rain and food from people who do not accept him as the Lord.  Do we not see that happening in Palestine, Africa and other places, and how have we prepared in order to become independent of the system.

For people to want to come into a community (Muslims Village) to help each other to stay on the path of Islam and thus receive protection from Allah SWT, they have to first understand and agree that all this is happening.  Until that realisation comes Muslims will stray like sheep and listen instead to their politicians, bankers, liars in the media, and all their minions, and get devoured by wolves out there in nice suits and dresses.

And then there is the issue of choosing leaders who have the right qualities and character with knowledge of Qur’an and Sunnah, as well as the world in order to steer the flock to avoid the traps in the riba-filled, secular, haraam-food and dangerous experimental vaccination world.

Let’s not forget that all this is happening by the Will/permission of Allah SWT as a test for mankind and believers.  Allah SWT has given the power to the Ya’juj and Ma’juj and the freemasons (the helpers of Dajjal) to bring about this Dajjalic system as He SWT in His SWT infinite wisdom knew that the Muslims will be sleeping at that time, and therefore, it will be a test on the remaining believers.

Have you noticed that there is no mention of this huge phenomenon in the Qur’an.  Nevertheless, Allah SWT in His SWT infinite wisdom did not leave anything for chance, and provided us with a Guide (beloved Prophet (pbuh)) who has mentioned extensively about the Dajjal in his (saw) Sunnah and Hadith.  This is how Allah SWT has given prominence to the Sunnah and Hadith, and so those people who are only following the Qur’an will not see these days as dangerous nor will they find any solution.  Therefore, I see the Qur’an as the theoretical part and Sunnah as the lab/practical for the believers.

So where does one begin this re-education process so that perhaps a few people who will be the beacon for the community, and thus get the greatest reward from Allah SWT – just like Abu Bakr (ra) was the foremost amongst companions (rAaa) of the Prophet (saw).

I believe that human conditions will return to where Allah SWT prepares people to receive a Khalifa or a Prophet (as), and He SWT will insha Allah level the fighting field which today seems very asymmetric with drones and jets flying at 30,000 feet.

Please feel free to share this email with others who may have an inclination toward a Muslim Village.

Brother Syed Hoque

Saya menglinekan mana yang saya rasa penting.


* Love all, trust a few and do wrong to none- William Shakespeare


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