Requiem for a lamb

Requiem for a lamb by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

I never knew your gentle soul

Yet strangely knew you well

You who left Evergreen’s halls

To solace a living hell

You find what others rarely find

By living what you believed

And showed us all our humankind

That pain might be relieved

That morn you did not hesitate

You laid your good life down

Palestine it was your fate

Not time, not cap, not gown

Rachel Corrie is your name

And long we shall remember

Humanity was your life’s aim

What’s real, what’s true endeavour

No match for metal scarabs

No match for bullets too

Just love to give the Arab

And love to show the Jew

What were your thoughts my sister

Amid such misery

While they looked on with hatred

And you stood defiantly

You were defiant our gentle dove

As you raised our heads so tall

And carried on with valiant love

In the face of hate so small

Did you think of mosque, or was it pew

Did you think of all your friends

Did you think of living life anew

Or quickly make amends

As death came with impunity

I hope this thought arose

Seeing God’s gift, eternity

You plucked it like a rose

Source: Taken from here


2 thoughts on “Requiem for a lamb

    • Rasanya dia tulis sendiri. Boleh klik kat bawah ni kalu berminat nak tengok.:)

      Yuk kita doa sama-sama moga pelayaran Rachel Corrie, Challenger I dan Challenger II ke Gaza hari ni selamat. Ameen Ya Robb!

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