A person of good character

As salam alaykum warahmatullah.

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

The following is quoted from the book entitled “Al-Ghazzali on disciplining the self”.

Al-Ghazzali refers to verses 23:1-10 of the Quran as an example of believers who have succeeded by incorporating Quranic values. He then summarises the verses to describe a person of good character as follows:

Someone who is

– modest

– says little

– causes little trouble

– speaks the truth

– seeks the good

– worship much

– has few faults

– meddles little

– desires the good for all and does good works for all

– compassionate

– dignified

– measured

– patient

– content

– grateful

– sympathetic

– friendly

– abstinent and not greedy

-does not use foul language, nor does he exhibit haste, nor does he harbor hatred in his heart

– not envious

– candid, well-spoken and his friendship and enmity, his anger and his pleasure are for the sake of God Most High and nothing more

(p. 13-14)

May Allah SWT grant us strength to be among these people. May Allah SWT rectify our states. May Allah SWT beautify our outward and our inward. May Allah SWT make our outward and inward at least the same. O Allah! Ameen Ameen Ya Robbal Alameen.

* It is the state of our heart, the place of our intentions that holds us accountable.


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