Nandos Update

Salam. Moga terbuka segala pintu kebaikan buat semua. Ameen.

Khas buat warga Bumi Wellington. Kepada sesiapa yang masih ragu dengan status Halal Nandos, berikut merupakan apa yang saya ambil daripada FIANZ.

Perhatian: Ini yang latest.

20 May 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Assalaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

We pray that this letter finds all of you in the best of health and highest of Islamic spirits.

Further to our Circular Memo on Nandos Chicken, we wish to further clarify that FIANZ suspended the Halal Accreditation Certificate for all the Nandos outlets based on the following considerations:.

1. Nandos have changed the sourcing of chickens from Brinks (which is certified Halal by FIANZ) to Tegel which is presently not certified Halal by FIANZ.

2. In our previous inspections, we found Tegel to be using Mechanical slaughter method which was not in conformity with the criteria laid out by members of the FIANZ Ulama Board. Given this, FIANZ was unable to certify Tegel’s products as Halal.

We understand that at present, Tegel is still using the same method and therefore the poultry supplied to Nandos cannot be certified Halal by FIANZ.

FIANZ has offered to undertake a fresh inspection of the Tegel plant and Tegel’s advice is that our offer will be considered by their management.

Insha Allah, we hope to inform the community on the final outcome as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, the Halal Accreditation Certificate for all Nandos outlets remains suspended.

In the meanwhile, we would appreciate it if you could bring this matter to the attention of the community members in your respective ward.

Jazak Allahu Khairan and Wassalaam

Javed Khan

Kalau nak tahu updates, kalian boleh rujuk page FIANZ.


* Mohon maaf berbanyak kepada teman-temanku sebab tak balas mesej. Handphone buat hal. Mintak beli yang baru kot. Huhu.


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