Luahan pembaca

Salam. Moga para-para hati senantiasa dipenuhi dengan semangat juang, lebih-lebih lagi diri si penulis beserta teman-teman:)

Berikut merupakan petikan yang saya ambil daripada The Dominion Post beberapa bulan yang lepas. Mohon maaf sebab tidak dapat dikesan butiran lengkap bagi sumber ini. Satu surat daripada pembaca.

These are not necessities

We hear of robberies of grocery stores by young people. The first incident involved three youngsters, one brandishing a firearm, who stole cash, cigarettes, chocolate and icecream.

The second report was of a 13-year-old girl stealing disposable nappies, milk and two packets of chocolate biscuits. A Salvation Army gentleman was quoted as saying that this type of behaviour was becoming more frequent as the recession bit and folk couldn’t afford the “basic necessities”.

He need to get real. Chocolate, cigarettes, icecream, chocolate biscuits and disposable nappies are not high on the list of “basic necessities” that families need. What these nasty little thieves require is a bit of basic parenting and self-control, not some bleeding-heart liberal making excuses for their lack of morals and decent upbringing.

Jill Focas

Saya mengkaji isu jenayah untuk “assignment” EDUC saya. Ok, perlu sambung buat kerja sekarang.


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