G.E.N.U.G itu cukup…

Dipetik daripada The Dominion Post semalam…

“Right now, Americans are staggering from the reality of what they themselves have done. The real estate bubble inflated and collapsed partly because millions of Americans borrowed more than they could afford to repay-and they knew it. It takes nothing away from the pain of those now losing their house to notice that something oddly American and a bit perverse happened: millions were seduced by fantasies of a beautiful big house, vague about their own plans for the future, and yet full of crazy confidence that it would all somehow work out. American optimism became as much a curse as a blessing.

Wolf, N. (2009, April 1). Just like Octamom, Americans never had enough. The Dominion Post, p.B5.

*Adakah perkara yang sama juga sudah berlaku di Malaysia?


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