~la belle vie…

Dipetik daripada buku Dajjal the Antichrist oleh Ahmad Thomson

“The only way of life which today makes this INWARD (one’s heart) and OUTWARD (one’s behaviour pattern) purification a possibility, and for the one who follows it a reality, is the way of Muhammad , may Allah bless him and grant him peace. This is the means by which, once the heart has been purified , one knows one’s self and one’s Lord, and these two knowings are the same knowing. In reality the knower, the known and the knowledge are one. To gain this knowledge, it is necessary to stop thinking altogether-which means that the one who has this knowledge cannot be trapped by the educational and media conditioning processes, since this conditioning is only succesful where the thought process has been attracted, harnessed and programmed.” (Ahmad, 1998)

Teringin nak “quote” ayat-ayat ini untuk esei EDUC 340…mais c’est bon?

*O Allah the Most Exalted…please bestow us “light” to see things as they really are…


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