the importance of input…


i overheard a conversation between two of my friends when we were busying ourselves with the cleaning task…i found it somehow brilliant and thoughtful…as well,it engaged me in a deep thinking for the whole day…below is the details of the conversation…

Person A: Sometimes, i feel kind of strange when i see “our people” being too boastful about furthering their studies at the university…what’s the point of going to the university and feel excessively proud about yourself if you only manage to pass a par level…it’s just too weird…

please note:this is not the actual detail as i’m only interested with A’S point…


The second conversation went between my friend and i…please note again that…below is what was said by my friend,not me…and the most important thing,i was impressed with the point popped up by her…

Person B:There are over 8000 languages spoken by people all around the world…in most ways,the language represents one’s culture…and if the use of a language declines day by day, that particular language will gradually “extinct” from the world and will be eventually forgotten…

How sad it is!hOW SCARY it is!suddenly,it reminds me of what Hang Tuah has said before(was it really said by him?)…”takkan melayu hilang di dunia…”

*How about ETeMS then?


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