Very helpful surahs…


I took the information from here.

MashaAllah…it made me realise that the Book of Allah SWT, Al-Quran, should be our best companion…by even reading and pondering over the meaning, it would help us in enlarging our provision for the Day of Judgement…hope this information can be beneficial to everyone of us and can somehow trigger our spirit to internalise those respective surahs and verses in our daily lives..Ameen…let us together reviving our spirit and purifying our soul…(please note:this is a reminder for myself too…hope I can be a better person in the future…refreshment session folks!^-^)

1.Surah Fatiha-protects one from the anger of Allah

2.Surah Yaseen-protects one from the thirst of the Day of Judgement

3.Surah Waqiah-protects one from the poverty and starvation

4.Surah Mulk-protects one from the punishment of the grave

5.Surah Kauthar-protects one from the enimity of the enemy

6.Surah Kaafiroon-protects one from the kufr at the time of death

7.Surah Ikhlaas-protects one from the hypocrisy

8.Surah Falaq-protects one from the calamities (disaster/miserfulness)

9.Surah Nass-protects one from the evil thoughts

*Verily, my prayers, my rituals, my life and my death are solely for Allah swt…


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